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Juliana Piacesi Spinola is my full name. I was born in 1980 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I’m now based in Barcelona, Spain.

I work as a freelance photographer, videographer and documentary film maker.

I graduated at the Sao Paulo University of Fine Arts and began my career as a graphic designer working in a multinational company. In mid-2007 I left the corporate life and started to make the transition to photography.

Part of my work is represented by some international news agencies and have been published in great vehicles such as The Guardian, New York Post, Das Magazin, The Oslo Times, Lonely Planet, Vice, The Telegraph, O Globo, Folha de Sao Paulo, among others.

Besides news, I work with companies making images about them or their products and services for internal and external communication. This includes photos, videos, films and also some graphic or web design. I also work with architects, interior designers and retail companies.

Regarding non comercial films I’m now finalizing a documentary feature film for the UNDP about a social project in Brazil that is called ‘BXD – Baixada Nunca Se Rende’ and I’ve worked as production director for 3 short films (“Zigurate”, “Contatos Infanto Siderais Antes do Colegial” and “Sem Sentidos”) and as a art director for 1 short film (“Pra Diretoria”).

My mother language is portuguese and I also speak english, spanish and italian. My objective is to drive my work into the documental sphere, by human, social and political subjects.